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Parenting is the hardest, though most rewarding, job one can have. Establishing a healthy sense of self-esteem, confidence, focus and emotional security are core goals for any parent – but how can one ensure the best chance of success for their child?

Good intentions and love are a great basis for parenting, and often come naturally. But many parents learn that there are situations and conversations they’re not equipped to deal with at the level of understanding and helpfulness that a child needs.

It’s undoubtedly overwhelming when your child is suffering from anxiety, depression or school-related issues. I can help you and your family with life’s challenges by improving your parenting skills and choices.

Situations I specialize in include:

  • Attention-seeking behavior
  • Divorce
  • Blended family
  • School refusal

Email or contact me here for a free, 15-minute phone consultation. I’m here to help you create a life your child will love.

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