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Would you like to make an appointment for your child or adolescent? If so, simply fill out the following form. I will then contact you to schedule our first intake.

I offer counseling services for families and adolescent/teens, as well as parenting strategies. My specialties include working with children and adolescents who struggle with anxiety, self-esteem or depression and other school-related issues.

Typically, I do an intake with the parent or guardian before I actually see your child or adolescent. We will go over their history as well as discuss some of the current stressors they’re currently facing. During this intake we will discuss what the best course of action is for therapy with your child or adolescent.

We both want what is best for your child/adolescent and we will be a cohesive unit during the therapy relationship.

After our initial intake, I will then meet with your child either by him or herself or with you. It is my goal to make them feel as comfortable as possible with me and know that I’m a person they can trust.

“Supportive Psychotherapy for When You Need a Guiding Hand“